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The Traveling Life.    Another year’s journey is around the corner and some new innovations in luxury adventure have made their way onto 
our pages.  It’s been an exciting


James Bigoni with artist Ken Done

year of travel for my whole family as I hope it’s been for you.  We’ve found a number of exciting new ways that companies are meeting travelers’ changing needs and concerns, and we’re putting a special emphasis on vacations that let you do your own thing.  Abroad and at home, on the open sea and on the rivers and highways of our great country, these upscale getaway alternatives are tailored for diversity in choices and up-close, out-of-the-way exploration.  These are new ideas that I hope will foster the creative,

About Us

Bigoni International Publishing Corporation (BIPC) has earned its reputation in the travel, entertainment, and art industries fantastic-mast2as premier publisher of prestige travel and art books.  Our Top 25 Cruises and Top 25 Resorts and Fantastic Travel & Vacations are well known for their beautiful four color photography elegant graphics, interesting and informative editorial content and success on the newsstand. 

BIPC’s roots in travel and leisure go back more than five decades.  The company’s earliest ventures included the publication of a regional entertainment magazine as well as beautiful four-color “tabletop” art and travel books.  Our experience and expertise enables BIPC to produce books and magazines of exceptional quality.  Bigoni International Publishing Corporation only produces the highest quality publications in the industry.   The current series of Bigoni publications is the Fantastic Travel & Vacation Series, which features the world’s best cruise lines, resorts, and exotic adventures.   Bigoni also offers custom publications for official tourism bureaus, and publications which focus on specific resort destinations.


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