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Bigoni International Publishing Corporation has been in the publishing business for more than 43 years.  Committed to


Jacob Lawrence appears on SteppingOut Northwest  cover in the Winter 1982 edition..

excellence and to promoting the highest standards of creative endeavors in the arts, business, and living, we strive to support the arts in our books, magazines, and publications. Beginning in 1978, our cover concept for Stepping Out Magazine was to feature contemporary art for the enrichment of the public.   Each edition of Stepping Out Magazine displayed the works of many artists, both local and international, and the stories and legends behind their works.Our magazines and publications became a coffee-table favorite over the years, and the beautiful art featured in these publications found its way into many homes over the years.


Comedian Bob Hope displays first issue of Stepping Out for early promotional campaign.

James J. Bigoni founded his publishing business in 1975 when he was commissioned by the International Fraternal Order of Eagles to produce their convention publications and directories.  In 1978, Bigoni International Publishing Corporation launched a local magazine in Portland, Oregon, Stepping Out Magazine, which later became known as SteppingOut Northwest after the magazine’s popularity grew throughout the Northwest region.  Comedians Bob Hope, Danny Thomas, and Red Buttons were early spokespersons for the original Stepping Out Magazine promotions.

covers-scanIn 1985, Bigoni International Publishing Corporation began to publish the “Top 25” series of coffee table picture books, which began with The Top 25 Cruise Lines, The Top 25 Resorts, and later The Top Mexican Resorts.  Each book featured travel destinations and cruise lines which were considered to be the most desireable destinations in their respective class.  All of the top vacation cruise lines and resort destinations were featured.  Duriing the 1980’s and 1990’s, Bigoni’s Top 25 series was considered to be the authoritative source on excellence in luxury travel destinations.



Artist Ken Done was commissioned to paint this cover for the 2003 Fantastic Travel & Vacations

While the focus of Bigoni publications shifted to the luxury resort and travel business, Bigoni continued to feature artists and their creations in BIPC publications.  In 1989, BIPC commissioned international artist Ken Done to paint the cover art for Bigoni’s The Top 25 Cruise Lines coffee table book.  and in 2003 Done painted the cover for our Fantastic Travel & Vacations book.  In 1990 BIPC commissioned artist Peter Max to paint the cover for The Top Mexican Resorts, and again in 1993 Max painted the cover art for our Fantastic Travel & Vacations book. 

spiritmountainBIPC is constantly developing new concepts for the art, travel, and tourism industries.  Our books are enjoyable and help our readers to explore new levels of discovery.  We strive for quality and excellence when selecting our topics and featured clients.  As an example of a recent BIPC project, we have developed and published a unique magazine for the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon called Spirit Mountain Casino Magazine.  This magazine promotes the Spirit Mountain Casino by informing  the reader of the rich legacy, culture, art, and history of the Grand Ronde Tribe in a high quality, full-color publication of first class magnitude.

Art has always played a major role in Bigoni publications.  James Bigoni has loved collecting investment quality art since he first entered business in the mid-1970’s.  Over the years, Bigoni International Publishing Corporation has acquired a huge collection of original art, original authorized lithographs,


Picasso Linoleum

and special authorized edition prints.  Most of the original art was acquired directly from the artists or directly from the publishers of the authorized limited edition prints in quantities  at extremely low prices.  Over the decades, the value of this art has never depreciated.  As a result, BIPC is able to offer these unique, collectible selections framed and ready to hang at an affordable price which will offer the new owner appreciation in value as well as a visual impact which  works well in any home or office design.  Most of the art offered on this web site was produced by the “Modern Masters”.  Their works, which are on display in every major art museum worldwide, are considered to be the very “best of the best”, and will never decline in value. 

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